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As this year comes to an end, little pieces of papers tucked away in a box marked “Taxes” will soon have to be dealt with. Sometimes, the papers aren’t organized and the attention of a competent Tax preparer is desperately needed.  That’s where CRS Services of Sutton comes in to ‘save the day.’

Christine Salmon of Sutton, a certified tax preparer, registered agent with the IRS and notary, founded her tax returns and bookkeeping service 25 years ago and “loves every minute of every day” working for her clients. One of her special services for the elderly is to go to see them to pick up their paperwork or sit with them to figure out what they need.Her clients may range from electricians, plumbers, landscape businesses, law firms, dog grooming, hair salons, newspapers, and many more.  She can spend from an hour to four hours with a client or see a client once a week, once a month or every quarter.  “It all depends on the client’s needs and I’m glad to take care of any of their paperwork needs in a professional and comfortable manner.”

“I also teach QuickBooks and how to install the program; basically, how to get started,” Christine noted during the interview in her office.  What’s her favorite job among the many tasks she performs?  “I just love what I call ‘a box job’ wherein a client takes in a box or bags stuffed with all kinds of receipts that she sorts and organizes in neat files.”  She pointed to one of those “box jobs” in her office where a tidy box stood in place of the two trash bags that a client dropped off, “stuffed with four years of tax returns.”  “He’s now out of hot water,” she smiled.

“I like putting everything in order and make sure records are accurate whether it involves Bank Statements, quarterly payroll taxes, sales tax or meal’s tax.  Some clients FAX her tax paperwork from anyplace in the United States and it all gets done right.

She said that sometimes she even goes to court to represent her client who may be involved in a rental dispute or “collections.”  “I do a lot of things 365 days a year, not just during tax season.”

Customers can safely leave any paperwork in her ‘drop box’ in front of her home. “This drop box is like a Fed-Ex box and totally secure. I have cameras that show me anyone coming and leaving my home office.”  “I want to make sure customers are safe, night or day, leaving their valuable information with me.”

 Mike, her husband of 34 years, owns Salmon's Contracting and shares the office with her. 

Busy as she is, Christine still finds time for her hobby of growing herbs in her garden and bottling them for sale as “Chris Spices.”  They are also used in many of her homemade dishes like sauce and salsa. If more time was available, one might suspect Christine could easily run another business from her home!

It’s not too early to plan your taxes and when you need a qualified professional to wade through your paperwork, call Christine Salmon at CRS Services, Sutton, MA 508-868-5586

You can also e-mail her at In addition, you know Christine can help you not only with year-end tax preparation, but also with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Client Billing, Collections, Estimating, QuickBooks Set-Up & Training, hourly, weekly, monthly or notary needs.  “Wherever the customer needs me—at home, at the office, or jobsite, I’ll be there to take care of the papers.”

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I just love what I call ‘a box job’ wherein a client takes in a box or bags stuffed with all kinds of receipts that she sorts and organizes in neat files.

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